Stock images for commercial use

Stock images for commercial use

28 July, 2020

Stock photos are professional photographs of places, nature, events, or people that are bought and sold on a royalty-free basis and can be used and reused for commercial design purposes. The photographer or photograph distributor has proprietary images and has some limited usage of the photo. In the agreement some circumstances of use may comprise things such as the use of the images is licensed, not sold or in case of a stock photo being used, there may be a maximum number of copies of the image allowed to be printed. Terms of Service policies will vary between stock photography distributors.

Just like Photoskart is a stock image distributor. If you are a graphic designer and need images to use in different projects, you can come to photoskart for “stock images” or “stock photos”. But first, we should know what stock images are? and How can you use them?

Stock images are a great resource to get photos of what are you want to use in your designs for several purposes. Stock photos refer to the images purchased under this distribution process and maybe photos, computer generated graphics, clip-art, vectors, and other forms. They are perfect for you and your company's marketing and advertising, promotional work, personal or commercial creative projects, publishing, websites and blogs, and more.

What Are Stock Photos Used For?

Stock photos are used for exactly to enhance the effectivity and the impact of different content targeted at various audiences.

Stock photos are hugely used in all kinds of commercial, editorial, magazine, entertainment and artistic endeavors because they have a larger impact on these projects' target audiences. A picture says a thousand words. Today people are not interested in reading about your business, thinking, or ideas. So you should do something that can attract people for your advertisement and ideas in a very short time. Image is the only way to picture your promotions and advertisements. The visual stimulation improves communication, making it a more effective and efficient way to send out messages to a large public.

Because of this, photography and still imagery is key to branding, marketing, advertising, publishing, and artistic productions. If you want to catch the viewer's eye, you must use images. Stock photos are a very expedient resource for this.

In order to understand the role that stock photography has played in digital marketing and advertising, it’s important to understand what it is, how it works, how it’s impacted companies and how it will continue to influence industries far and wide.

Where can you find stock images?

Stock images seem to be everywhere, but some sources are better than others. If you need stock images or will need new ones regularly over time, it might be looking into paid stock image services. Some you might already recognize these best stock image websites names:

  • Adobe Stock: Adobe Stock is known for its breadth and variety. It’s so useful, you can find HD stock photos with the perfect image on it.
  • Getty Images: One of the most well known names in stock imagery, it offers stock photos, images, videos. Getty offers price breaks for packages, which could save you hundreds if you’re using large HD photos or videos.
  • Shutterstock: Another popular name in stock images. You may already know Shutterstock. Occasional users can take advantage, but regular users or companies will prefer an ongoing subscription plan.
  • Photoskart: Photoskart is a stock photography site. There are free pictures for commercials and some personal on their website. You can also buy a license for free high quality Indian stock images that don’t require any linking.

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