Android 9

Android 9

16 March, 2019

Android 9 is the known as " Android Pie". It is the ninth and current version of Android. It was release on August 6, 2018. It is comes with some new and cool features which are most handful for users in present time. Which mobile devices are launch recently, those are comes with Android Pie.  

There are some 5 cool features of Android Pie : -

  1. App Timer

This is the new features from Android.

At first, set a time limit on applications which you want, after you have used them for limited time frame , the app icon will be automatically grey out. That’s hinting you that, you should spent time on other app except this app.

  • Dark Theme Mode

The new Android comes with new theme mode activity. There are 3 options shows on the Device theme menu > 1. Automatic( Based on Wallpaper) > 2. Light > 3. Dark.

For Dark Theme you can just choose Dark. These theme mode gives some classy look on appearance on mobile menu.  

  • Adaptive Brightness

Android’s automatic brightness is now gets smarter. Now, you can know the , your preferred brightness level using different apps in different environments.

  • New Screenshot Shortcut

The old screenshot is process is not as much handful to users. New process is most user-friendly. Now you can, get screenshot any time just by tapping the icon in the power menu.

  • Gesture Navigation

Here comes new single bar gesture navigation, which is include back, home, and recent button icons. Its very easy to use.

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